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Embrace the power of Rush Alert for real-time security during your travels. With distress notifications, location sharing, and intelligent check-ins, stay protected on the move.

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Panic Button

Send Distress Alerts.

Instant Security at Your Fingertips: Introducing the Rush Alert Panic Button. Seamlessly integrated with our app, it’s your direct line to help in distress situations. Elevate your personal safety with a single touch.

Trips Feature

Get Check-in Notifications.

Discover Rush Alert Trips – the ultimate safety companion. Our intelligent feature monitors your journey, ensuring your well-being with automatic distress alerts and real-time updates. Travel confidently with Rush Alert Trips by your side.


Rush Alert safeguards your well-being, providing a secure shield during your transit journeys.


Enjoy peace of mind as Rush Alert's comprehensive solutions alleviate worries and provide a sense of tranquility during your daily travels.


Navigate life's pathways with renewed confidence, knowing that Rush Alert's features have your back in moments of uncertainty.

Rush Alert Panic Button

Preorder Your Rush Alert Panic Button Today.

When seconds matter most, our Panic Button ensures immediate help is just a touch away. Whether you’re walking alone, commuting, or facing a challenging situation, activate it for rapid response and peace of mind. Prioritize your safety with the power of one touch.”